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Welcome to the Miami Lakes Medical Centers

Your health is our priority! We are always by your side, taking care of you.

We are dedicated to the pursuit of a healthier you.

Our expert specialists and caring clinical staff ensure our patients receive an exceptional health care experience.

We specialized in treating ED, and our program is effective for 98% of men.

We are located in the heart of Miami Lakes and we are pleased to welcome you to our office. Our entire team is committed to providing our patients with exceptional medical care of the highest quality in an attractive, comfortable, and caring environment.

About Us

Meet the team 

Meet Dr. Elizalde

Dr Eduardo Elizalde is a medical doctor graduated from MIAMI DADE  in 2013. Dr Elizalde continued his education in MONTSERRAT COLLEGE OF MEDICINE in Olveston, Montserrat COLLEGE where he did an ASSOCIATES IN SCIENCE in 2014. 

Meet Dr. Kotler

Dr Kotler Assisted to School of aerospace medicine, Brooks AFB San Antonio, TX and graduated in 1962. He was also Chief of Aviation Medicine, Dover AFB, DE in the United States Air Force from July 1965 to June 1966. 

Meet the team Miami Lakes Medical Center's team of professionals is always ready to offer a high quality service with a smile on their face. Our main objective is that the patient always feels pleased and finds in our center a reliable and welcoming place